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the good...the bad

The Good News is...St. John is an island...gorgeous beaches, white sand and turquoise waters, wonderful coral reefs inhabited by abundance of sea creatures, home to sea turtles and eagle ray, roads winding through lush green hills, donkeys, iguanas...


The Bad news is...St. John is an island...nothing should be taken for granted...arrival is typically by boat (a few helicopter or sea plane in), most of everything consumed is brought on to the island from someplace else....electricity runs under the sea from St. Thomas, water is trucked in via boat...gas, food, most everything that describes modern convenience is shipped in.  For this reason, there's always been a  need to conserve on the island.


  • Electricity is 5X the cost of the mainland - some homes are attempting to reduce need by using solar panels. Otherwise, conserve where possible.  Turn off lights and AC when not in use.

  • Water is not provided via public means.  Most homes, including ours, uses rainwater from the roof collected in cisterns under the bedrooms to provide water for showers, toilets and washing.  While it may be safe to drink, bottled water should be used for drinking and for ice used in drinks.  During dry seasons, water is trucked/barged in from St. Thomas.  Quick Showers - even Military showers are encouraged. There's excitement when it rains - long showers for everyone!

  • Gas for cooking is provided via refillable tanks - we have a backup in case you run out.

  • Most homes on St. John do not have public sewer - personal septic tanks are used.

  • Public garbage pick-up is not available but drop off points are abundant.  Recently, St. John has begun to recycle aluminum cans and plastic with special roadside bins.

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